Erasmusprojecten van start

Met twee lopende Erasmusprojecten 2019-2021 staat er heel wat te gebeuren de komende maanden. Hieronder de voorstelling van het ESSE-team, vijfdejaars die samenwerken rond het thema vrijwilligerswerk met Spanje en Italië.

Hello, everyone,

We are 5 enthusiastic students from the 5th year of GO! Lyceum Aalst, a secondary school in Belgiul. Our names are Luka, Lore, Wolf, Marthe and Amelie. We have chosen to commit ourselves to this exchange project with the theme 'Volunteering' because all five of us are already committed to that area, from being an animator to voluntarily running pony camps. That is why we are full of good courage to welcome the students from Spain and Italy with open arms and to take part in various voluntary activities in the next 2 years, in order to encourage as many people as possible to do more voluntary work with our passion.

Let's jump into this!


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